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Truss Right is the leading manufacturer of roof trusses in the Midwest!  We provide quality structural building components on time every time.  Don't wait.  Start thinking about your roof today and let us construct the most important pieces to protect your house, roof trusses.  Get a quote!


The production process and automated cutoff saws at Truss Right means quicker delivery.

Our trusses are the highest quality and adhere to WTCA and TPI building standards.

We use MiTek's state of the art lasers on our production lines to ensure precise trusses.


“I have been building houses in the Midwest for thirty plus years and haven't found anybody better than Truss Right.  I get my trusses on site early every time and have no problems getting them set.”

Dick Carlisle, Des Moines, IA


“My customers expect quality machine sheds and barns, and Truss Right helps me achieve that quality with their ag trusses.  It's the type of work you expect from a craftsman.”

Joe Van Alden, Omaha, NB

“If it weren't for Truss Right, I'd have a lot of apartments still waiting to be finished.  I don't know how they do it, but they can crank out trusses faster than we could ever ask for.”

Wayne Callahan, Newton, IA



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